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Body transformed.

Hello! I’m Dr. Windell Boutte’. I feel the ultimate key to feeling and looking your best comes from both INSIDE and OUTSIDE! As an American Academy of Dermatology Board-Certified Dermatologist and Surgeon, I give medical advice every day on how to optimize the appearance and health of skin.

In addition to general skin and aging issues, I also recognize that people have additional physical concerns about their bodies….such as UNWANTED FAT despite healthy diets and regular exercise!

I am excited to introduce you to….. SmartLipo™ !!

With SmartLipo™, I can combine Laser-Assisted “melting of unwanted fat” followed by immediate liposuction,… all in one session! Within 2 to 4 short weeks, you can appreciate loss of several inches from the treated area(s). You will see an amazing improvement of stubborn, “hard to lose” fatty areas of your body!

SmartLipo™ offers a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, FDA-APPROVED way to remove unwanted fat deposits in most areas of the body with LITTLE DOWNTIME and under LOCAL ANESTHESIA. It also eliminates the need for unnecessary scarring and painful “tummy tucks”, as the laser device tightens the skin while the liposuction removes the fat.

So come in for your FREE CONSULTATION and allow me to help you to discover AMAZING CONTOURS OF YOUR BODY that you never thought were possible!

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